Affordable Insulin in Canada
Save up to 80%

Insulin is affordable and available without prescription in Canada

Nelson Remedy’sRx carries affordable insulin, diabetes medications, equipment & supplies to promote improved diabetes management & quality of life.
Our mission is to deliver the finest care and service possible that empowers clients to take control of their health.
Insulin and diabetes medications are currently only available as an in store purchase – Download a product list.

If you're traveling to Canada to buy insulin

call ahead to ensure we have stock

If you are bringing insulin back into the U.S.

  • It’s best to have it in its original bottle.
  • You should have a valid prescription or a doctor’s note, written in English, saying you are allowed to bring the medication into the country.
  • Generally, you should bring no more than a 90-day supply.

About Nelson Remedy’sRx

At Nelson Remedy’sRx we reject the notion that access to affordable insulin should affect quality of life or determine life expectancy. 
Our pharmacy is locally owned but part of a national chain dedicate to helping clients live a healthy and active life by providing personalized, compassionate holistic health care. At Remedy’sRx, you’ll experience a level of personal attention unmatched by larger chains because we’re focused on building relationships with members of our community.
A pharmacist is always just a phone call away. In addition to dispensing medication our health experts provide education, information, guidance and support. Our pharmacists are certified by  the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, Canada. b

I love this place. Everybody is so friendly and Trevor always helps me choose the right thing, always explains how to use meditation and I can call anytime for advice – Etty M

Online Purchasing Coming Soon
We currently only dispense insulin from our brick and mortar location in Nelson, BC Canada, but will soon have online service available to ship insulin to the US.

Learn more about our insulin products

Trevor and his staff at Remedy'sRx are outstanding. The quality of service and depth of knowledge are outstanding. They're consistently generous with their time and attention, whether it's for a prescription or one of the high quality supplements or products they carry in the store. This may be a national chain pharmacy but they deliver small town service and values. – Julia G

Getting to Nelson

We’re located in South Eastern British Columbia, a half hour from the US-Canada border.


Nelson is a small city that couples cosmopolitan amenities with an authentic small town charm and centrally located between Vancouver, B.C., Calgary, AB and Spokane, WA.
If you’re coming to Nelson there’s plenty to do and explore. Whether you’re interested in relaxation or adventure you’ll find a kind of spirit or authenticity unlike anywhere else.
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