Do you have dry, itchy or irritated skin? We have a cream for that!

We are often asked about treatment of eczema and other dry or inflammatory skin conditions. While cortisone-based and other prescription skin creams are required for certain conditions, often simple hydration goes a long way. However not all skin products are created equal. Here at Nelson Remedy’sRx we have developed our own line of products using the healing and soothing properties of several natural ingredients.

Here are some of the skin care products we currently make in-house in our lab:
(bulk sizes available by request)

  • Tamanu Dry Skin Therapy


  • Hydrating Lavender Face Cream 30G


  • Emu Dry Skin Therapy


  • Soothing Foot Balm 60g


  • Diaper Rash Cream 50g


  • Tattoo Aftercare Cream 30g


  • All Natural Skin Therapy


  • Neem Dry Skin Therapy


  • Bug Bite Cream


  • Rosemary Dry Skin Therapy